RAD Studio VCL Reference
TActiveFormControl.Invoke Method

Invoke implements the OLE Automation IDispatch Invoke function.

function Invoke(DispID: Integer; const IID: TGUID; LocaleID: Integer; Flags: Word; var Params; VarResult: Pointer; ExcepInfo: Pointer; ArgErr: Pointer): HResult; override;
virtual __fastcall HRESULT Invoke(int DispID, const TGUID IID, int LocaleID, Word Flags,  Params, void * VarResult, void * ExcepInfo, void * ArgErr);

Call Invoke to access the property or method specified by the DispID parameter. The Flags parameter indicates whether the DispID refers to method (DISPATCH_METHOD), a property value that is being read (DISPATCH_PROPERTYGET), or a property value that is being set (DISPATCH_PROPERTYPUT or DISPATCH_PROPERTYPUTREF). The Params and ExcepInfo parameters hold parameters and exception information, respectively, and depend on the property or method identified by the DispID parameter. 

Invoke returns S_OK if it is successful. Otherwise, it returns an error code defined by the IDispatch interface. 


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