RAD Studio VCL Reference
AxCtrls.EnumDispatchProperties Function

Fills a TStringList will all the property names and DispIDs in a specified IDispatch interface.

procedure EnumDispatchProperties(Dispatch: IDispatch; PropType: TGUID; VTCode: Integer; PropList: TStrings);
EnumDispatchProperties(IDispatch Dispatch, TGUID PropType, int VTCode, TStrings PropList);

Use EnumDispatchProperties to get the names of the properties supported by an IDispatch interface. The Dispatch parameter is an instance of the IDispatch interface. The PropType and VTCode parameters allow the caller to limit the list to only those properties that match a particular GUID and type identifier. To see all properties of the IDispatch interface, set PropType to GUID_NULL and VTCode to VT_EMPTY. 

The property names that the IDispatch interface supports are added to the list passed in as the PropList parameter. 


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