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TApplicationEvents Class

TApplicationEvents intercepts application-level events.

[RootDesignerSerializerAttribute('', '', False)]
TApplicationEvents = class(TCustomApplicationEvents);
[RootDesignerSerializerAttribute('', '', False)]
class TApplicationEvents : public TCustomApplicationEvents;

Use TApplicationEvents to intercept the events of the global Application object. When you add a TApplicationEvents object to a form, the Application object forwards all events to the TApplicationEvents object. Thus, each event of the TApplicationEvents object is the same as the event with the same name on the Application object. 

Each form in an application can have its own TApplicationEvents object. Each application event occurs for all the TApplicationEvents objects in the project. To change the order in which the different TApplicationEvents objects receive events, use the Activate method. To prevent other TApplicationEvents objects from receiving a specific event, use the CancelDispatch method. 


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