RAD Studio VCL Reference
AnsiStrings.StuffString Function

Replace segment of AnsiString with another one.

function StuffString(const AText: AnsiString; AStart: Cardinal; ALength: Cardinal; const ASubText: AnsiString): AnsiString; overload;
AnsiString StuffString(const AnsiString AText, unsigned AStart, unsigned ALength, const AnsiString ASubText);

StuffString replaces a segment of an AnsiString with a substring, ASubText, returning a copy. The replacement starts at byte index AStart and replaces ALength bytes of the original string. If AStart is greater than the byte length of the original string AText, the substring ASubText is added to the end of Atext. The entire substring ASubText is copied to the new string, even if it results in a longer string than the original. 


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