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IEnumActionFieldValueRecords Interface

IEnumActionFieldValueRecords is the interface for iterating over the data in an HTTP request for each of several adapter records.

IEnumActionFieldValueRecords = interface;
__interface IEnumActionFieldValueRecords;

Use IEnumActionFieldValueRecords when extracting information from an HTTP request message for an adapter that supports multiple records of information. Typically, this interface is used to process requests from HTML forms that use a grid to represent information from an adapter. 

You can obtain an IEnumActionFieldValueRecords interface by casting (Delphi) or calling QueryInterface on (C++) the interface that is the AdapterRequest property of the global Web context. 

IEnumActionFieldValueRecords includes methods to "position" the request on a particular record. Once the request is positioned on a record, the IActionFieldValues interfaces gives the values of adapter fields for that record only. After processing those values, use IEnumActionFieldValueRecords to position the request on the next record. 


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