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IAdapterRecordKeys Interface

IAdapterRecordKeys is the interface for extracting name/value pairs from an HTTP request that identify a record for an adapter.

IAdapterRecordKeys = interface;
__interface IAdapterRecordKeys;

Use IAdapterRecordKeys to obtain key values from an HTTP request message. You can obtain an IAdapterRecordKeys interface by casting (Delphi) or calling QueryInterface on (C++)the interface that is the AdapterRequest property of the global Web context. 

Some adapters use key values to define the relationship between values in the HTTP request and adapter data values. For example, TDataSetAdapter identifies dataset records using key field values. The adapter adds these key values to HTML forms as hidden fields. Requests that originate from those forms include the key values so that the adapter can locate the record to which a request applies. 

IAdapterRecordKeys lists the names and values of any keys an adapter has added to the HTML form. 


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