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IActionFieldValues.OrigValues Property

Lists the values of the fields in this request as they were first presented to the end user.

property OrigValues [I: Integer]: IActionFieldValue;
__property IActionFieldValue OrigValues[int I];

Read OrigValues to access the original value of a field. This is the value of the field when the HTML form was first presented to the end user, before the user made any changes. If the HTML form did not store original field values as hidden fields, the value of OrigValues is nil (Delphi) or NULL (C++). 

I is the index of the field whose original value this property identifies, where 0 indicates the first field, 1 indicates the second field, and so on. The FieldCount property provides an upper bound for this index.

Tip: Use the FieldNames property to determine the name of the field associated with a specified index.
Use OrigValues when iterating over all the fields in the request. To obtain the original value of a specific field, use the OrigValueOfField method instead. 


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