RAD Studio VCL Reference
IActionFieldValuesOfAdapter.LocateActionFieldValuesOfAdapter Method

Indicates whether the request includes field values for a specified adapter.

function LocateActionFieldValuesOfAdapter(AAdapter: TComponent): Boolean;
__fastcall Boolean LocateActionFieldValuesOfAdapter(TComponent * AAdapter);

LocateActionFieldValuesOfAdapter returns true if the request includes field values for the specified adapter, false if there are no field values for the specified adapter. 

AAdapter is the name of the adapter component whose fields you want to access. 

If the request contains field information for the specified adapter, LocateActionFieldValuesOfAdapter positions the request on the set of field values for AAdapter before returning true. This means that if you next cast (Delphi) or call QueryInterface on (C++) this interface to obtain an IActionFieldValues interface, you obtain an interface for the fields associated with the specified adapter. 


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