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IActionFieldValues Interface

IActionFieldValues is the interface for extracting field values from the current HTTP request.

IActionFieldValues = interface;
__interface IActionFieldValues;

Use IActionFieldValues to obtain information about adapter field values that are stored in an HTTP request. You can obtain an IActionFieldValues interface by casting (Delphi) or calling QueryInterface on (C++) the interface that is the AdapterRequest property of the global Web context. 

IActionFieldValues lists the names of the fields that were represented in the HTML form from which the current request originated, along with their values. It also lists the original values those fields held when the form was first presented to the end user.

Note: Method declarations that use IActionFieldValues use the _di_IActionFieldValues type instead. This type is a DelphiInterface wrapper around the IActionFieldValues interface:

typedef System::DelphiInterfaceDelphiInterface_object< IActionFieldValues >  _di_IActionFieldValues;


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