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IActionFieldValue Interface

IActionFieldValue is the interface for obtaining the value of an adapter field.

IActionFieldValue = interface;
__interface IActionFieldValue;

Use IActionFieldValue to read the value of an adapter field. The properties on this interface provide information about the value or values of an adapter field. These include 

The FieldName property, which gives the name of the adapter field whose value you can read. 

The FileCount and Files properties, which let you read one or more file references when the value of the field is a file reference (for example, on an image field). 

The ValueCount and Values properties, which let you read one or more values when the value of the field can be expressed as a Variant

IActionFieldValue can provide access to multiple values when the adapter field is associated with a list of values. For example, when a list box in an HTML form represents an adapter field, IActionFieldValue provides access to every choice in that list box. When IActionFieldValue properties list several values for a field, the first value (the one with index 0) is the selected value (the one assigned to the field).

Note: Method declarations that use IActionFieldValue use the _di_IActionFieldValue type instead. This type is a DelphiInterface wrapper around the IActionFieldValue interface:

typedef System::DelphiInterfaceDelphiInterface_object< IActionFieldValue >  _di_IActionFieldValue;


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