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TCustomMenuItem.Create Constructor

Creates an instance of TCustomMenuItem.

constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override;
virtual __fastcall TCustomMenuItem(TComponent * AOwner);

Calling Create constructs and initializes an instance of TCustomMenuItem. However, you should never attempt to instantiate a TCustomMenuItem. This class is intended solely as a base class from which other control classes descend and you should only call Create to instantiate one of these descendants. 

After calling the inherited constructor, Create initializes the control, including the following property settings: 

Initializes the TCanvas object for its Canvas property. 

When overriding Create, always call the inherited Create method first, then proceed with the control's initialization. Remember to specify the override directive when overriding the Create method.

Note: If a component's constructor allocates resources or memory, also override the destructor to free those resources.


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