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ActnMenus Namespace

This is namespace ActnMenus.

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TActionBarStyleEx is the implementation class for styles in Action Manager. 
TActionMainMenuBar is a rendering engine that renders action client items as menu items. 
TCustomActionMainMenuBar is the ancestor for the TActionMainMenuBar component. 
TCustomActionMenuBar is the ancestor for action bands that render actions as menu item UI elements. 
TCustomActionPopupMenu is the ancestor for popup action bands that render actions as popup menu item UI elements. 
TCustomAddRemoveItem is the base class for the ActionBand menus for customizing action bands. 
This is class ActnMenus.TCustomizeActionClientItem. 
This is class ActnMenus.TCustomizeActionLink. 
This is class ActnMenus.TCustomizeActionToolBar. 
This is class ActnMenus.TCustomMDIMenuButton. 
TCustomMenuButton is the base class for ActionBand button controls. 
This is class ActnMenus.TCustomMenuExpandBtn. 
TCustomMenuItem is the base class for the ActionBand custom control TStandardMenuItem. 
This is class ActnMenus.TMenuStack. 
Registers an action band style so that it is available for use from TActionManager's Style property within the IDE. 
Unregisters an action band style from the IDE. 
This is record ActnMenus.TAnimationStyle. 
This is record ActnMenus.TMDIButtonStyle. 
This is type ActnMenus.TAddRemoveItemClass. 
This is type ActnMenus.TCustomAddRemoveItemClass. 
This is type ActnMenus.TCustomizeActionToolBarClass. 
This is type ActnMenus.TCustomMenuExpandBtnClass. 
This is type ActnMenus.TCustomPopupClass. 
This is type ActnMenus.TExitMenuEvent. 
This is type ActnMenus.TGetPopupClassEvent. 
This is type ActnMenus.TMenuButtonControlClass. 
This is type ActnMenus.TMenuEdges. 
This is type ActnMenus.TMenuItemControlClass. 
This is type ActnMenus.TMenuPopupEvent. 
This is type ActnMenus.TUpdateActnMenusProc. 
This is variable ActnMenus.MenuAddRemoveItemClass. 
This is variable ActnMenus.MenuButtonControlClass. 
This is variable ActnMenus.MenuCustomizePopupClass. 
This is variable ActnMenus.MenuItemControlClass. 
This is variable ActnMenus.MenuPopupClass. 
This is variable ActnMenus.UpdateActnMenusProc. 
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