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TActionManager Class

TActionManager provides a mechanism to manage and display all actions contained in an application.

TActionManager = class(TCustomActionManager);
class TActionManager : public TCustomActionManager;

The Action Manager component allows you to specify layout information for custom user-defined actions and standard actions that are contained in an application and a set of controls that can "render" this information as UI elements.  

The Action Manager allows you to add any of the standard actions to your application and drag and drop any action in your application on to an action band, where it will automatically render as a UI element. 

The Action Manager contains all of the layout information necessary to create menus, toolbars and Navigation bars (Outlook bars) automatically from this information. The layout information includes:  

Order of appearance  

Reference to an action which includes the action's Caption, ShortCut, Visible etc.  



The Action manager stores this information in a streamable object (TActionClientItem) that can be written to disk, as a text or binary file. The Action Manager then uses this information to reconstruct the UI elements when the application is started again and display them on an action band component. Because the Action Manager is able to maintain state information, it is also adds the ability to allow the user of the application to customize the UI elements that are displayed on the action bands. This is easily done by dragging the standard action, TCustomizeBandAction, from the action manager editor and dropping it on an action band.  

Additionally, the Action Manager maintains usage data about the items. This allows you to automatically hide infrequently used items in the UI (User Interface), making for a cleaner more effective UI. 


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