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TActionClientsCollection.IterateClients Method

Executes a callback for every child item in the collection and any child items of those children.

procedure IterateClients(Clients: TActionClientsCollection; ActionProc: TActionProc);
__fastcall IterateClients(TActionClientsCollection Clients, TActionProc ActionProc);

Use IterateClients to perform some operation on every action client in a collection, including action clients that are children of the action clients in the collection. IterateClients executes the callback for each item in an action clients collection, and then, if the child item has its own children, calls itself recursively for that set of grandchildren. 

Clients is the collection of action clients on which to execute the callback. 

ActionProc is the callback to execute. For every action client listed by Clients (or one of its children), IterateClients calls ActionProc with the AClient parameter set to the action client. If ActionProc is nil (Delphi) or NULL (C++), IterateClients causes the action clients to repaint themselves by calling their Refresh method.

Note: IterateClients does not start by executing the items in this collection's ActionClients property, but rather by executing the items in the ActionClients property of the Clients parameter.


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