RAD Studio VCL Reference
TActionClientsCollection.InternalRethinkHotkeys Method

Adjusts the captions of child items so that every item has an accelerator and there are no duplicate accelerator keys.

function InternalRethinkHotkeys(ForceRethink: Boolean): Boolean;
__fastcall Boolean InternalRethinkHotkeys(Boolean ForceRethink);

TActionClientsCollection calls InternalRethinkHotkeys internally to assign accelerator keys to its child items. This method tries to ensure that all child items have accelerator keys on their captions, and that no two child items have the same accelerator key. 

If any of the child items has its own set of child items, and that collection of child items has its AutoHotKeys property set to true, then InternalRethinkHotkeys causes the accelerator keys to be assigned for those items as well. 


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