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TActionClientsCollection.ActionClients Property

Lists the action clients in this collection.

property ActionClients [const Index: Integer]: TActionClient;
__property TActionClient ActionClients[int const Index];

ActionClients lists the child items that make up this collection. This is the same as the Items property, except that the value is of type TActionClient instead of TCollectionItem

Index is the index of the child item, where 0 specifies the first item, 1 specifies the second item, and so on. The Count property provides an upper bound to the value of Index. 

ActionClients is the default property for TActionClientsCollection. This means you do not need to use the property name in Delphi code. That is, the line

Client := ActionManager.ActionBars.ActionClients[0];

can also be written

Client := ActionManager .ActionBars[0];

Note: To add action clients to this list, use the Add method. To remove action clients from this list, use the Delete method.

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