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TActionClientsCollection Class

TActionClientsCollection is a collection of action clients that maintains information about the action manager that owns the collection.

TActionClientsCollection = class(TOwnedCollection);
class TActionClientsCollection : public TOwnedCollection;

TActionClientsCollection is the base class for collections that list action client objects (TActionClient descendants) for an action manager or for another action client. Each TActionClientsCollection descendant contains a specific type of TActionClient descenant: 

TActionClients contains TActionClientItem objects. Each TActionClientItem represents an action the user can execute. 

TActionBars contains TActionBarItem objects. Each TActionBarItem represents a set of actions that appear on a menu or tool bar. 

In addition to listing its collection of TActionClient descendants, TActionClientsCollection maintains information about the action manager that owns the collection and lets the Object Inspector display the collection's name at design time. 


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