RAD Studio VCL Reference
TActionClientItem.ShortCut Property

Contains the ShortCut property for the action client item.

property ShortCut: TShortCut;
__property TShortCut ShortCut;

Use ShortCut to specify the ShortCut that is displayed in the caption for the UI element that is rendered on an action band. By default, the ShortCut is blank and the action manager uses the ShortCut of the underlying action that the TActionClientItem represents. Changing the ShortCut property of the TActionClientItem does not change the ShortCut of the underlying action. If an action band contains a TCustomizeBandAction standard action, the user of the application can change this property. Because the shortcut key can be changed at runtime, the default shortcut key that will be used, should be set in the action itself and not in the TActionClientItem object. 


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