RAD Studio VCL Reference
TActionClientItem Class

TActionClientItem is a streamable wrapper that represents an action or category of actions in the action manager.

TActionClientItem = class(TActionClient);
class TActionClientItem : public TActionClient;

TActionClientItem is used internally to wrap a category of actions, standard action, or a user defined custom action into a streamable format that is managed by an action manager. TActionClientItem is used as a mechanism to store layout (ordering) information for an action. This layout information contained by the action client item is used by the action manager to render the action onto an action band as a visual representation of the action. 

Instances of TActionClientItem are created automatically by the TActionManager component when an action or category of actions is added to an action band.

Note: Do not create or destroy instances of TActionClientItem directly, always allow the action manager to handle this for you.


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