RAD Studio VCL Reference
TShortCutList.ShortCuts Property

Lists the shortcuts in the list.

property ShortCuts [Index: Integer]: TShortCut;
__property TShortCut ShortCuts[int Index];

Use ShortCuts to access the shortcuts in the list by position. The Index parameter indicates the index of the shortcut, where 0 is the index of the first shortcut, 1 is the index of the second shortcut, and so on. 

ShortCuts is the same as the Objects property, except that the value is given as a TShortCut value instead of as a reference to an object instance.

Warning: Do not set the Objects property, or the short cut list will fail to work correctly.
ShortCuts is a read-only property. To add or delete shortcuts in the list, use the Add and Delete methods. To locate a specific shortcut in the list, use the IndexOfShortCut method. 


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