RAD Studio VCL Reference
TShortCutList Class

TShortCutList manages an array of keyboard shortcuts.

TShortCutList = class(TStringList);
class TShortCutList : public TStringList;

TShortCutList is a specialized list for storing TShortCut values. TShortCutList is the type of the SecondaryShortCuts property. 

TShortCutList is a descendant of TStringList, which manages a collection of strings. As such, TShortCutList adds, deletes, and searches for shortcuts using their text representation. (You can convert between a shortcut and its text representation using the TextToShortCut and SHortCutToText functions). TShortCutList stores the shortcut that corresponds to a text representation as the value of the Objects property for that string. Do not change the value of the Objects property, or the short cut list will not operate correctly. 


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