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TCustomActionList Class

TCustomActionList is the base class for action list objects that manage a set of actions.

[RootDesignerSerializerAttribute('', '', False)]
TCustomActionList = class(TComponent);
[RootDesignerSerializerAttribute('', '', False)]
class TCustomActionList : public TComponent;

Action lists manage a collection of action objects so that they are available to the components in an application. These action objects centralize the response of the application to user input, and update the properties of all controls that trigger that response. 

TCustomActionList descendants provide the user interface for working with actions at design time. These include TActionList, which lets you set up actions using the action list editor, and TActionManager, which lets you configure actions using the customize dialog.  

Action lists maintain a list of actions that can be grouped by category. Actions in an action list are TContainedAction or descendant types. 


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