RAD Studio VCL Reference
TContainedAction.Update Method

Indicates whether the action updates itself.

function Update: Boolean; override;
virtual __fastcall Boolean Update();

Update is called automatically when the application is idle to give the action a chance to update itself according to current conditions. It returns true if an event handler is found to update the action, false otherwise. 

Update first attempts to update the action by generating an OnUpdate event on the action list that contains this action (if the action belongs to an action list). If the action list's OnUpdate event handler does not update the action, Update generates an OnActionUpdate event on the application itself. If neither the action list nor the application updates the action in response to these events, Update generates an OnUpdate event on itself. If this action has no OnUpdate event handler, it instructs the application to locate the current target control and call the UpdateTarget method, which is the mechanism by which predefined action classes update themselves. 


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