RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCustomActionToolBar.SetBounds Method

Sets the Left, Top, Width, and Height properties in a single operation.

procedure SetBounds(ALeft: Integer; ATop: Integer; AWidth: Integer; AHeight: Integer); override;
virtual __fastcall SetBounds(int ALeft, int ATop, int AWidth, int AHeight);

Use SetBounds to change all of the component's boundary properties at one time. The same effect can be achieved by setting the Left, Top, Width, and Height properties separately, but SetBounds changes all four properties at once, ensuring that the tool bar will not repaint between changes. 

Specify the values for the Left, Top, Width, and Height properties as the value of the ALeft, ATop, AWidth, and AHeight parameters, respectively. 

SetBounds overrides the inherited method to manage the hidden controls properly when the toolbar is resized. 


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