RAD Studio VCL Reference
TActionToolBar.ParentBiDiMode Property

Specifies whether the control uses its parent's BiDiMode.

property ParentBiDiMode: Boolean;
__property Boolean ParentBiDiMode;

Use ParentBiDiMode to get or set whether the control uses its parent's BiDiMode. When ParentBiDiMode is true, the control's BiDiMode property is always equal to that of its parent. If ParentBiDiMode is false, the control uses its own BiDiMode property. 

Set ParentBiDiMode to true for all controls in a form in order to ensure that the entire user interface adjusts to Middle Eastern locales in a uniform manner. 

When the value of the control's BiDiMode property changes, ParentBiDiMode becomes false automatically. 


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