RAD Studio VCL Reference
TRDSConnection.DataSpaceObject Property

Provides access to the interface for the RDS DataSpace object.

property DataSpaceObject: DataSpace;
__property DataSpace DataSpaceObject;

Use DataSpaceObject to get direct access to the RDS DataSpace object the RDS connection component represents. This direct access reference allows an application to use properties and methods of the underlying DataSpace object. Accessing the underlying DataSpace object is especially useful for utilizing properties and methods of the DataSpace object not surfaced in TRDSConnection.

Note: Use of DataSpaceObject to directly access the underlying RDS DataSpace object requires a good working knowledge of ADO objects in general and the RDS DataSpace object in specific. It is not recommended that you use the DataSpace object directly unless familiar with DataSpace object operations. Consult the Microsoft Data Store SDK help for specific information on using RDS DataSpace objects.

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