RAD Studio VCL Reference
TParameters.ParseSQL Method

Parses an SQL statement for parameters and TParameter objects.

function ParseSQL(SQL: WideString; DoCreate: Boolean): WideString;
__fastcall BSTR ParseSQL(BSTR SQL, Boolean DoCreate);

Call ParseSQL to parse an SQL statement for parameters. For each parameter found in the SQL statement, a TParameter object is added to the calling TParameters object using the name of the parameter in the SQL statement. 

SQL contains the SQL statement to parse. 

DoCreate indicates whether to clear all existing parameter definitions before parsing the SQL statement. 

ParseSQL returns a parsed version of the SQL statement specified in the SQL parameter.

ADOQuery1.Parameters.ParseSQL(ADOQuery1.Text, True);


ADOQuery1->Parameters->ParseSQL(ADOQuery1->Text, true);


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