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TParameters.ParamValues Property

Retrieves the value of one or more parameters.

property ParamValues [const ParamName: WideString]: Variant;
__property Variant ParamValues[BSTR const ParamName];

Use ParamValues to get or set the individual values of parameters identified by name. 

ParamName contains the names of the individual parameters of interest. If ParamValues is used to access more than one parameter, the names are separated by semicolons (;). 

Setting ParamValues sets the Value property for each parameter listed in the ParamName string. Specify the values as Variants, in order, in a variant array. 

Getting ParamValues retrieves a variant array of variants, each of which represents the value of one of the named parameters. 

If ParamName includes a name that does not match any of the field parameters in Items, an exception is raised.

Note: ParamValues operates with the names of parameters as they appear in an SQL statement or stored procedure, not the Name property of TParameter objects. The two should not be confused.


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