RAD Studio VCL Reference
TParameters.GetParamList Method

Fills a TList object with names of available parameters.

procedure GetParamList(List: TList; const ParamNames: WideString);
__fastcall GetParamList(TList List, const BSTR ParamNames);

Use GetParamList to obtain a subset of the parameters in the TParameters collection that have been identified by name. 

ParamNames is a string giving the names of all field parameters of interest. Multiple parameter names are separated by semicolons (;). 

List is the TList object into which the parameters names are placed. GetParamList adds the field parameters to List in the order they appear in ParamNames. If ParamNames includes a name that does not match any of the field parameters in Items, an exception is raised.

Note: GetParamList operates with the names of parameters as they appear in an SQL statement or stored procedure, not the Name property of TParameter objects. The two ways of referring to a parameter should not be confused.


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