RAD Studio VCL Reference
TParameter.AppendChunk Method

Adds data to a parameter.

procedure AppendChunk(Val: OleVariant);
__fastcall AppendChunk(OleVariant Val);

Call AppendChunk to put data into or add data to a parameter's value. Use AppendChunk to insert binary or text data into a parameter. 

AppendChunk may be used to pass all of the data at one time or in pieces using multiple calls to the method. The first call to AppendChunk overwrites any existing data in the parameter. If the data is being passed in its entirety using one call to AppendChunk, no further action takes place. If data is passed in multiple calls, the data passed in Val in each subsequent call to AppendChunk is appended to data previously passed. 

Val is the data to pass to the parameter.

Note: : The Attributes property must contain paLong to use AppendChunk.


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