RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCustomADODataSet.Requery Method

Refreshes the recordset.

procedure Requery(Options: TExecuteOptions = []);
__fastcall Requery(TExecuteOptions Options = []);

Call Requery to refresh the recordset. Requery updates the dataset by re-executing the original command or SQL statement that produced the recordset. 

The effects of Requery are the same as calling the dataset's Close method and then its Open method. However, there are circumstances when one means of refreshing the recordset is better than the other. The values in properties like CursorLocation, CursorType, and LockType cannot be changed while the dataset is open, so Requery can only refresh the recordset using the existing values in these properties. To refresh the recordset using different values for these properties, effect the refresh using the Close and Open methods. 

Options is a TExecuteOptions value that specifies the characteristics of the command execution affected by the requery that produces the recordset for the dataset. 


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