RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCustomADODataSet.OnRecordsetCreate Event

Occurs when the recordset has been initialized and is ready to use.

property OnRecordsetCreate: TRecordsetCreate;
__property TRecordsetCreate OnRecordsetCreate;

Write an OnRecordsetCreate event handler to take specific action when the Recordset property is first available for use. When the ADO dataset is first opened, it initializes the Recordset property to the interface that it uses for accessing the data. OnRecordsetCreate occurs when Recordset is fully initialized, and can be used by an application. 

DataSet is the ADO dataset component whose Recordset property has just been initialized to the interface for an ADO recordset. 

Recordset is the interface to the ADO recordset. It is the value of the Recordset property. 


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