RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCustomADODataSet.NextRecordset Method

Provides access to a secondary recordset.

function NextRecordset(var RecordsAffected: Integer): _Recordset;
__fastcall _Recordset NextRecordset(int RecordsAffected);

Call NextRecordset in situations where multiple recordsets are returned to provide access to the second (and subsequent) recordsets. The ADO Recordset object returned by NextRecordset must be assigned to the Recordset property of an ADO dataset component, such as TADODataSet, to be accessible.

ADODataSet1.Recordset := ADOQuery1.NextRecordset


ADODataSet1->Recordset = ADOQuery1->NextRecordset;

RecordsAffected is the number of rows in the returned recordset. 


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