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TCustomADODataSet.MasterFields Property

Specifies field or fields on which a Master-Detail link is based.

property MasterFields: WideString;
__property BSTR MasterFields;

Use MasterFields after setting the MasterSource or DataSource property to specify the names of one or more fields in another, master, dataset that are used to establish a Master-Detail relationship between this dataset and the master dataset. The master dataset is specified by assigning its data source to the MasterSource or DataSource property. 

MasterFields is a string containing one or more field names in the master dataset. When the datasets are related based on two fields, separate field names with semicolons:

ADOTable2.MasterSource := DataSource1;
ADOTable2.MasterFields := 'CustID;SaleDate'


ADOTable2->MasterSource = DataSource1;
ADOTable2->MasterFields = "CustID;SaleDate"

Each time the current record in the master dataset changes, the new values in those fields are used to select corresponding records in this table for display.

Note: At design time, use the Field Link designer to establish the master-detail relationship between two tables.

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