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TCustomADODataSet Class

TCustomADODataSet is the virtualized base class for all ADO dataset components.

TCustomADODataSet = class(TDataSet, IUnknown, RecordsetEventsVt);
class TCustomADODataSet : public TDataSet, public IUnknown, public RecordsetEventsVt;

TCustomADODataSet encapsulates a set of properties, events, and methods for working with data accessed through an ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) provider. TCustomADODataSet is the base class from which all ADO dataset components descend. Applications should never instantiate TCustomADODataSet objects. Instead, instantiate an object from one of the descendant classes: TADODataSet, TADOTable, TADOQuery, or TADOStoredProc

TCustomADODataSet cannot be instantiated. Developers must use or derive descendants of TCustomADODataSet that declare and implement methods with no implementation in TCustomADODataSet. Many of the other TCustomADODataSet methods are declared and implemented in TCustomADODataSet as virtual methods, but the implementations are merely stubs that are reimplemented in descendants such as TADODataSet, TADOQuery, TADOStoredProc, and TADOTable


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