RAD Studio VCL Reference
TADOStoredProc.ExecProc Method

Executes the procedure stored on the server.

procedure ExecProc;
__fastcall ExecProc();

Call ExecProc to execute a stored procedure. Before calling ExecProc:

  1. Provide any input parameters in the Parameters property. At design-time, a developer can provide parameters using the Parameters Editor. At runtime an application must access the Parameters property directly.
  2. Set the Prepared property to true to bind the parameters.

If a stored procedure returns output parameters, they are stored in the Parameters property when ExecProc returns control to the application. An application can access the output parameters using the Parameters property and identifying the particular parameter by its number or by using the ParamByName method and identifying the parameter by its name.

Tip: If an application is only interested in the result set returned by a stored procedure, call Open method for the TADOStoredProc component or set its Active property to true.

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