RAD Studio VCL Reference
TADODataSet.GetIndexNames Method

Retrieves a list of available indexes for a table.

procedure GetIndexNames(List: TStrings);
__fastcall GetIndexNames(TStrings List);

Call GetIndexNames to retrieve a list of all available indexes for a table. GetIndexNames fills a string list object (such as a TStringList) with the names of the index for the table represented by the TADODataSet component (and only that table). Any previous contents in the string list object are completely overwritten by the new information. 

List is the string list object, created and maintained by the application, into which the index names are retrieved. This string list object must be created prior to the call to GetIndexNames. 

The command line below fills the Items property of a TListBox with the names of indexes for the table represented by ADODataSet1.





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