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TADODataSet Class

TADODataSet represents a dataset retrieved from an ADO data store.

TADODataSet = class(TCustomADODataSet);
class TADODataSet : public TCustomADODataSet;

TADODataSet is the most generic of the ADO dataset components. TADODataSet is capable of retrieving a result set from one or more tables in an ADO data store. The retrieval can be either directly from a table or from one or more tables through an SQL statement. 

Connect a TADODataSet to a data store before using it to retrieve a dataset. Do this with a connection string in its ConnectionString property or with a connection already established by a TADOConnection component specified in the Connection property. 

Use the TADODataSet component's CommandText property to retrieve the dataset, specifying either a table name or an SQL statement (SELECT only). TADODataSet is not capable of issuing Data Manipulation Language (DML) SQL statements that do not return result sets (like DELETE, INSERT, and UPDATE). For this use a component like TADOCommand or TADOQuery


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