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TADOConnection.GetTableNames Method (TStrings, Boolean)

Populates a string list with the names of tables in the database.

procedure GetTableNames(List: TWideStrings; SystemTables: Boolean = False); overload;
procedure GetTableNames(List: TStrings; SystemTables: Boolean = False); overload;
__fastcall GetTableNames(TWideStrings List, Boolean SystemTables = False);
__fastcall GetTableNames(TStrings List, Boolean SystemTables = False);

Call GetTableNames to retrieve a list of tables in the associated database. 

List is the already-existing string list object into which the tables names are put. 

Set SystemTables to indicate whether the list of table names should include the database's system tables.

ADOConnection1.GetTableNames(ListBox2.Items, False);


ADOConnection1->GetTableNames(ListBox2->Items, false);

Note: Any contents already in the target string list object are eliminated and overwritten by the data produces by GetTableNames.

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