RAD Studio VCL Reference
TADOConnection.GetFieldNames Method (WideString, TWideStrings)

Populates a string list with the names of fields in a table.

procedure GetFieldNames(const TableName: WideString; List: TWideStrings); overload;
procedure GetFieldNames(const TableName: string; List: TStrings); overload;
__fastcall GetFieldNames(const BSTR TableName, TWideStrings List);
__fastcall GetFieldNames(const AnsiString TableName, TStrings List);

Call GetFieldNames to retrieve a list of fields in a table. The names of the fields are put into the already-existing string list object specified in the List parameter. Specify the table for which to retrieve the names of fields in the TableName property.

ADOConnection1.GetFieldNames('Employee', ListBox1.Items);


ADOConnection1->GetFieldNames("Employee", ListBox1->Items);


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