RAD Studio VCL Reference
TADOConnection.Execute Method (WideString, Integer, TExecuteOptions)

Executes a command.

procedure Execute(const CommandText: WideString; var RecordsAffected: Integer; const ExecuteOptions: TExecuteOptions = [eoExecuteNoRecords]); overload;
function Execute(const CommandText: WideString; const CommandType: TCommandType = cmdText; const ExecuteOptions: TExecuteOptions = []): _Recordset; overload;
__fastcall Execute(const BSTR CommandText, int RecordsAffected, const TExecuteOptions ExecuteOptions = [eoExecuteNoRecords]);
__fastcall _Recordset Execute(const BSTR CommandText, const TCommandType CommandType = cmdText, const TExecuteOptions ExecuteOptions = []);

Call Execute to execute a command using the ADO connection object. 

CommandText is the command to execute. 

ExecuteOptions is a TExecuteOptions value that specifies the characteristics of the command execution. 

Execute returns a recordset if the command executed is one that generates a recordset. 

RecordsAffected indicates the number of records, if the command operates on data, that are affected by the command after execution. 


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