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The following table lists types in this documentation.

This is type Controls.PControlListItem. 
PDockNotifyRec is a pointer to a TDockNotifyRec record. 
This is type Controls.PDragRec. 
This is type Controls.PHintInfo. 
This is type Controls.PMouseActivateRec. 
This is type Controls.PPopupFormInfo. 
TAlignInsertBeforeEvent is the function type for an OnAlignInsertBefore event. 
TAlignPositionEvent is the function type for an OnAlignPosition event. 
TAlignSet specifies the alignment of a child control within its parent. 
TAnchors is the set of control anchor values. 
TAnimateWindowProc is the type of a function that is called each time a window is animated. 
TBevelEdges is a set type used to specify which edges of a window are beveled. 
TBevelWidth defines the width, in pixels, of both the inner and outer bevels of a control. 
TBorderWidth defines the distance, in pixels, between the outer and inner bevels of a control. 
TCanResizeEvent is the type of the OnCanResize event handler. 
This is type Controls.TCanvasDC. 
TCaption is the type of the Caption property. 
This is type Controls.TCMActivate. 
This is type Controls.TCMDeactivate. 
This is type Controls.TCMDesignHitTest. 
This is type Controls.TCMDialogChar. 
This is type Controls.TCMDialogKey. 
This is type Controls.TCMEnter. 
This is type Controls.TCMExit. 
This is type Controls.TCMGotFocus. 
This is type Controls.TCMHitTest. 
This is type Controls.TCMLostFocus. 
This is type Controls.TCMWantSpecialKey. 
TConstrainedResizeEvent is the function type for an OnConstrainedResize event. 
This is type Controls.TConstraintSize. 
TContextPopupEvent is the function type for an OnContextPopup event. 
TControlActionLinkClass defines the metaclass for TControlActionLink
TControlClass defines the metaclass for TControl
TControlState describes the current state of a control. 
The TControlStyle type describes the current style of the control. 
TCursor identifies the cursor type. 
This is type Controls.TCustomData. 
This is type Controls.TCustomLongData. 
TDockDropEvent is the type of the OnDockDrop event handler. 
TDockOverEvent is the type of the OnDockOver event handler. 
TDockTreeClass defines the metaclass for TDockTree
TDragDropEvent is the function type for an OnDragDrop event. 
TDragObjectClass defines the metaclass for TDragObject
TDragOverEvent is the function type for an OnDragOver event. 
This is type Controls.TDragTarget. 
This is type Controls.TEndDragEvent. 
This is type Controls.TForEachZoneProc. 
TGetSiteInfoEvent is the type of the OnGetSiteInfo event handler. 
THintWindowClass defines the metaclass for THintWindow
TImeName is the type that represents the name of an Input Method Editor. 
This is type Controls.TKeyEvent. 
TKeyPressEvent is the function type for an OnKeyPress event. 
This is type Controls.TMarginSize. 
TModalResult represents the return value from a modal dialog. 
TMouseActivateEvent is the function type for an OnMouseActivate event. 
TMouseEvent is the function type for either an OnMouseDown event or an OnMouseUp event. 
TMouseMoveEvent is the function type for an OnMouseMove event. 
TMouseWheelEvent is the function type for an OnMouseWheel event. 
TMouseWheelUpDownEvent is the function type for an OnMouseWheelUp event. 
TPanningWindowClass defines the metaclass for TPanningWindow. 
This is type Controls.TReservedControlData. 
TScalingFlags describes the way controls are scaled. 
TStartDockEvent is the type of the OnStartDock event handler. 
TStartDragEvent is the function type for an OnStartDrag event. 
TTabOrder defines the tab order of a control. 
TUnDockEvent is the type of the OnUnDock event handler. 
TWinControlActionLinkClass defines the metaclass for TWinControlActionLink
TWinControlClass defines the metaclass for TWinControl
This is type Controls.TWindowProcPtr. 
TWndMethod is the type for Windows message procedures. 
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