RAD Studio VCL Reference
Structs, Records, Enums

The following table lists structs, records, enums in this documentation.

TFilenameCaseMatch indicates how close a match was found to a specified file name. 
TFloatFormat is an enumerated list of formatting codes for float functions. 
TFloatValue is an enumeration of two basic floating point types. 
TLocaleOptions defines a choice of dependent and independent locale options. 
TMbcsByteType represents the use of a single byte in a string that uses a multi-byte character set (MBCS). 
This is record SysUtils.TNameType. 
Int64Rec declares a utility record to provide access to the bytes of an Int64 value. 
LongRec declares a utility record to provide access to the bytes of a LongWord value. 
This is record SysUtils.TCharSearch. 
TExceptionRecord holds information about an exception in an application. 
TFloatRec declares a utility record that provides access to the attributes of a floating point number. 
TFormatSettings defines a thread-safe string formatting context. 
TLangRec declares a record used to describe a Windows locale. 
TSearchRec defines file information searched for by FindFirst or FindNext
TSysLocale represents locale information. 
This is record SysUtils.TThreadInfo. 
TTimeStamp represents time and date values. 
WordRec declares a utility record to store high and low order bytes of a variable. 
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