RAD Studio VCL Reference
Structs, Records, Enums

The following table lists structs, records, enums in this documentation.

TAlign specifies the alignment of a control within its parent. 
TAnchorKind and TAnchors specify how a control is anchored to its parent. 
This is record Controls.TBalloonHintIcon. 
This is record Controls.TBalloonHintIconSize. 
This is record Controls.TBalloonHintStyle. 
TBevelCut specifies a bevel's cut. 
TBevelEdge is an enumerated type used to specify which edges of a window are beveled. 
TBevelKind specifies the kind of bevel that appears on a control. 
TDockOrientation specifies the orientation of controls in a docking zone. 
TDragKind indicates the type of operation that occurs when the user drags a control. 
TDragMessage indicates the type of drag operation executed by a control. 
TDragMode indicates how a control initiates drag operations. 
TDragState is used to specify how the mouse is moving in relation to a control. 
TImeMode represents the current mode of an Input Method Editor (IME). 
TMouseActivate defines values for the OnMouseActivate event. 
TMouseButton identifies a mouse button in a mouse-event handler. 
TAlignInfo describes the alignment of a control within a parent. 
This is record Controls.TCMCancelMode. 
This is record Controls.TCMChanged. 
This is record Controls.TCMChildKey. 
This is record Controls.TCMControlChange. 
This is record Controls.TCMControlListChange. 
This is record Controls.TCMControlListChanging. 
This is record Controls.TCMCreatePopup. 
This is record Controls.TCMDockClient. 
This is record Controls.TCMDockNotification. 
This is record Controls.TCMDrag. 
This is record Controls.TCMFloat. 
This is record Controls.TCMFocusChanged. 
This is record Controls.TCMHintShow. 
This is record Controls.TCMMouseActivate. 
This is record Controls.TCMMouseWheel. 
This is record Controls.TCMParentFontChanged. 
This is record Controls.TCMPopupHWndDestroy. 
This is record Controls.TCMUnDockClient. 
This is record Controls.TControlListItem. 
TCreateParams is the window-creation parameter record used to specify the type of window to create for a windowed control. 
TDockNotifyRec represents the information from a Windows docking notification message, and PDockNotifyRec is a pointer to a TDockNotifyRec value. 
This is record Controls.TDragRec. 
This is record Controls.THintInfo. 
This is record Controls.TMouseActivateRec. 
This is record Controls.TPopupFormInfo. 
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