RAD Studio VCL Reference
Structs, Records, Enums

The following table lists structs, records, enums in this documentation.

TActiveXRegType is used when excluding a component class from the ActiveX Wizard. 
TAlignment specifies how text is aligned within a control. 
TBiDiMode specifies the reading order (bidirectional mode) of a control. 
TCollectionNotification indicates the type of change that is made to the items in a collection. 
TDuplicates indicates the response when an application attempts to add a duplicate entry to a list. 
TFilerFlag indicates information about how a filer should read or write a component and TFilerFlags is a set of TFilerFlag values. 
THelpType indicates whether components invoke the help system using a context ID or a keyword. 
TListAssignOp indicates how two lists should be merged. 
TListNotification defines list processing action types. 
TOperation represents the types of operations whose occurrence is broadcast by the Notification method. 
TSeekOrigin indicates where to start a seek operation. 
TStreamOriginalFormat indicates the format in which a form file is saved. 
TStreamOwnership indicates whether a stream object should be freed by the object that uses it. 
TThreadPriority indicates the scheduling priority of a thread object on Windows. 
TValueType defines the kinds of values written to and read from filer objects. 
TVerticalAlignment specifies how text is vertically aligned within a control. 
TIdentMapEntry is used to perform ident string to integer value mapping. 
TStringItem defines a TStringList entry. 
This is record Classes.TSynchronizeRecord. 
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