RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCustomActiveForm Properties

The properties of the TCustomActiveForm class are listed here.

Indicates whether the form is visible. 
Specifies the control that has focus on the form. 
Specifies how the control is anchored to its parent. 
Indicates whether scroll bars appear automatically on the scrolling windowed control if it is not large enough to display all of its controls. 
Specifies whether the control sizes itself automatically to accommodate its contents. 
Sets the active form's border style. 
Specifies the width of the control's border. 
Specifies a text string that identifies the control to the user. 
Specifies the background color of the control. 
Specifies the size constraints for the control. 
Controls the attributes of text written on or in the control. 
Specifies the vertical size of the control in pixels. 
Represents the horizontal scroll bar for the scrolling windowed control. 
Specifies whether the form should receive keyboard events before the active control. 
Specifies when OnCreate and OnDestroy events occur. 
Specifies the padding of a control. 
Represents the proportion of the font on the system on which the form was designed. 
Identifies the pop-up menu associated with the control. 
Represents the proportions of a printed form. 
Specifies whether the form is sized according to the value of the PixelsPerInch property. 
Determines whether the control displays a Help Hint when the mouse pointer rests momentarily on the control. 
Represents the vertical scroll bar for the scrolling windowed control. 
Specifies the horizontal size of the control or form in pixels. 
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