RAD Studio VCL Reference
TImage Properties

The properties of the TImage class are listed here.

Provides a drawing surface for embellishing bitmap images. 
Determines how the control aligns within its container (parent control). 
Specifies how the control is anchored to its parent. 
Specifies whether the control sizes itself automatically to accommodate the dimensions of the image. 
Indicates whether the image is centered in the image control. 
Specifies the size constraints for the control. 
Indicates the image used to represent the mouse pointer when the control is being dragged. 
Specifies whether the control is being dragged normally or for docking. 
Determines how the control initiates drag-and-drop or drag-and-dock operations. 
Controls whether the control responds to mouse, keyboard, and timer events. 
Specifies whether successive approximations of the image should be drawn during slow operations. 
Determines where a control looks to find out if its Help Hint should be shown. 
Specifies the image that appears on the image control. 
Identifies the pop-up menu associated with the control. 
Indicates whether the image should be changed, without distortion, so that it fits the bounds of the image control. 
Determines whether the control displays a Help Hint when the mouse pointer rests momentarily on the control. 
Indicates whether the image should be changed so that it exactly fits the bounds of the image control. 
Specifies whether the background of the image obscures objects below the image object. 
Determines whether the component appears onscreen. 
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