RAD Studio VCL Reference
TActionClient Properties

The properties of the TActionClient class are listed here.

Specifies the action band the action client is rendered on. 
Specifies the action band that is used to render the TActionClients object specified in the Items property. 
Specifies whether the action client has sub-items associated with the action client. 
This is OwningCollection, a member of class TActionClient. 
This is Accessible, a member of class TActionClient. 
Specifies the image that is drawn on the action client's action band for the action client. 
Specifies how the image specified in the Background property is rendered on the action band used by the action client to render any sub-items that are contained by the action client. 
Indicates which kinds of changes to the action client are permissible. 
Specifies the background color for TClientAction when it is rendered on a action band. 
Specifies the TActionClients object that is rendered as a popup menu when a item is right clicked. 
Specifies the TActionClients object that contains the sub-items of the action client. 
This is Tag, a member of class TActionClient. 
Determines whether the action client is visible. 
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