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TADOCommand Properties

The properties of the TADOCommand class are listed here.

This is ActiveConnection, a member of class TADOCommand. 
This is CommandTextAlias, a member of class TADOCommand. 
This is ComponentRef, a member of class TADOCommand. 
Provides direct access to the ADO command object. 
Properties is the implementation of the Properties Collection object. 
Indicates the current state of the ADO command component. 
Specifies command to execute. 
Specifies the amount of time to attempt execution of the command. 
Specifies the type of command to execute. 
Specifies ADO connection component to use. 
Specifies the connection information for the database. 
Specifies the characteristics of a command execution. 
Specifies whether the parameter list for an ADO command component is regenerated if the SQL changes at runtime. 
Contains the parameters for an ADO command object's SQL statement. 
Specifies whether the command is prepared before execution. 
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