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TCOMAdminCatalogCollection Methods

The methods of the TCOMAdminCatalogCollection class are listed here.

Initializes the ServerData property to reflect the type library information of the COM server. 
Adds a new item to the end of the collection. 
Connects the TCOMAdminCatalogCollection component to an existing ICatalogCollection interface. 
Terminates the connection to the COM server. 
Returns the value of the Get_AddEnabled property. 
Returns the number of items in the collection. 
Returns the value of the Get_DataStoreMajorVersion property. 
Returns the value of the Get_DataStoreMinorVersion property. 
Returns a specified item from the collection. 
Returns the value of the Get_Name property 
Returns the value of the Get_RemoveEnabled property. 
Returns a TCOMAdminCatalogCollectionCollection object for a specified collection. 
Returns the utility interface associated with this collection. 
Fills the collection object with items from the catalog. 
Populates the collection with information for the specified objects. 
Reserved for future use. 
Removes an item from the collection 
Commits any changes to the collection by writing them to the COM+ catalog. 
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